Greek Season 1 Episode 1
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Greek Season 1 Episode 1

Greek Season 1 Episode 1

One’s a Greek. One’s a geek. They both go to Cyprus-Rhodes University and they’re related. Poised to become the most powerful girl in the Greek system, big sister Casey is everything an “it” girl should be. Beautiful… vivacious…funny and warm…except to her brother Rusty. He’s the geek; or rather he used to be way back in high school-at least three months ago. Rusty may excel in the honors engineering program, but what he really wants is what the other guys have. Gals. Pals. A scream-your-lungs-out good time. And to pledge a fraternity. Casey is horrified and wants nothing to do with him. But when Rusty sees her boyfriend Evan making it with her rival Rebecca, her baby brother suddenly seems interesting after all. Oddly enough, she’s not the only one interested in Rusty. Evan wants him for his fraternity while Casey’s ex-boyfriend Cappie thinks he belongs at Kappa Tau. His Bible-toting roommate Dale thinks they’re all crazy and is praying for Rusty’s soul. But the heavens seem to be ignoring his pleas because Rusty seems destined to become a Greek, no matter how socially inept he is. Which leads one to ponder…how did someone who’s been nicknamed “Spitter” come to be a pledge at all?

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Serie: Greek


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Episode Title: Pilot

Air Date: 2007-07-09